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Long Exposure Festival

    Festival of Lights Animating Flemingdon Park


    Little Dada with support from Toronto Arts Council

    On August 4th 2018, a festival of lights, photography and all things glowing took over Flemingdon Park in Toronto. The Long Exposure Festival featured explorations of light in all of its formats, from wearable technology and performance art to interactive sculptures and take-home long exposure photography.

    with support from Benjamin David Mitchell and Rachel Romu

    Alenn Predko, Jane Hacker, Alex Leitch, Dani Jones, Sagan Ye, Nadine Lessio


    Marissa Frosst, Hannah Wei, Fee Gunn, Justin Arjune

    Performances by

    Miranda Tempest, Vanita Butrsingkorn, Sandra Crljenica, Emily Hughes, Lisa Hearn, Lyza Moon, Lem Sizzle, Alex Tsourounis, Kat P

    Visual Art by

    Shira Yavor, Ryan Longo, David Fono, Audie Augustus, Jounghwa No, Chelsea Klukas, Lindy Wilkins and Little Dada

    Special thanks to

    Sophie Lyons, Maurice Grela, Daemon Retren, Josh McLain, Mudit Ganguly, Nathan Ng, Parveen Zainab Fatima, Liz McLain