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Prosthetic Technologies of Being

    Social Body Lab with Intel Labs
    Kate Hartman, Hillary Predko, Izzie Colpitts-Campbell, Jamie Sherman

    The Prosthetic Technologies of Being project is a collaboration between the Social Body Lab at OCAD University and Intel Research. This project explores ways in which technologies can feel like an extension of self. Through the development of a series of three prototypes we have explored how technology can extend our ability to sense our surroundings and express our emotions in a visceral way.

    I researched and fabricated two prototypes entitled Monarch and Nautilus, which speculate on how a body-based technology might augment how we express our emotional state to those around us, and how the behavior of wearable garments could be controlled through the movement of our bodies. These prototypes use electromyography to sense muscle activity and to actuate kinetic textile structures.

    Monarch was demoed at The Tangible and Embedded Interactions conference in 2015 at Stanford University, exhibited at Eyebeam and won Best in Show at Toronto Maker Faire 2014.