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Little Old Lady Memory

    Interactive history of women in Space

    Little Dada for EDIT: Expo for Design, Innovation and Technology
    Hillary Predko and Lee Wilkins
    Alenn Predko: Installation and fabrication

    This installation explores untold stories of women in the space industry, both historical and contemporary, through the construction of an interactive environment that references early computational technologies. Little Old Lady Memory, or rope core memory encoded the programs that enabled the Apollo missions, woven by women in factories. We are drawing upon the delegation of craft as ‘women’s work’, and revealing the ways these crafts have supporting advanced scientific invention. This installation also explores the relationship between jacquard looms and computation, and the ways in which the textile industry laid groundwork for early programming languages. The work is intended as a tool for learning the rich history of innovation that brought humanity off of our planet. It is through exploration that we become curious and we hope to inspire all kinds of people to imagine the possibilities beyond our atmosphere.

    Tom Hobson: Textiles
    Matt Nish-Lapidus: Audio
    Special thanks to: Daemon Retren, Dolly Deals, Rhys Mendes, Shaughn Martel, Dani Jones, Meena Dandelion